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Monterey Gold is the labor of love of Paul and Larissa Del Piero. Born and raised amongst the beautiful ocean views and agricultural bounty of the Monterey Peninsula, Paul married his college sweetheart, Larissa, in the fall of 2013. Together they continue a family legacy of farming and ranching in Monterey County that spans over 5 generations.

Our farming roots run deep

Since the mid-1800’s the Del Piero family has worked the soil of Monterey County to produce a variety of agricultural crops ranging from apples to strawberries to lettuce… even beef and dairy. In fact, part of Paul’s great-great-grandfather’s cattle ranch sits on what is today the city of Carmel-by-the-Sea!

Humble Bee-ginnings

In 2012, Paul and Larissa had an idea: if the unique Monterey climate produced some of the most beautiful flowers and delicious produce in the world, wouldn’t the bees pollinating those plants produce some of the best honey? To test that idea they painstakingly built and tended to a handful beehives that next spring.


Our first blue ribbon!

Many days were spent getting up at dawn to check on the bees, hauling equipment up and down a hill, and accidentally covering our kitchen in honey more than once.

In July 2013, Larissa and Paul harvested their first jars of honey and dubbed them “Monterey Gold.” Larissa designed the label and it was off the Santa Cruz fair. Despite the assurance of many family members that the honey was the “best they’d ever tasted,” we figured we probably wouldn’t do all that well our first year.

But it all paid off – The next day we were surprised and delighted to discover that we had taken 1st place in the Organic AND All-Around Divisions!

Since then, our honey has gone on to win blue ribbons in honey competitions across the state – from Santa Cruz to Ventura — making Monterey Gold the most award-winning honey in California!

A Sweet Road Ahead

In recent years we’ve decided to start selling our honey to see if we can’t accomplish our original goal on a larger scale: To make the best honey in the world in a way that is ethical, all-natural, and sustainable. To keep up with demand we’ve teamed up with other family apiaries from Monterey County to give as many people as possible the chance to taste the best honey in the state.

It has been an amazing journey and we can’t wait for you to try the unique delicious taste of Monterey Gold.

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