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2 Jars of Monterey Gold Honey

Producing great honey is our number one priority. There are no compromises.

Our honey is all produced in small batches from sustainable apiaries in the Monterey Peninsula. Our bees are free to fly wherever they please – gathering pollen and nectar from the best flowers and plants. Making California’s best honey means focusing on the basics and cutting out the gimmicks. That’s why we:

  • Make one type of honey
  • Harvest once a year
  • Never use synthetic pesticides or chemicals in our hives

We make one type of honey

We only produce “wildflower honey.” Wildflower honey means our bees are allowed to forage on a wide variety of flowers and nectar to produce their honey. This is important for 2 reasons:

1. Wildflower honey truly reflects the environment that the bees live in.Honey-Jars

Winemakers call this terroir. And even more than wine grapes, the color, flavor, and even aroma of a honey is profoundly influenced by the flowers, seasons, weather, and terrain that the honey comes from. This is what makes our award-winning honey so unique.

2. Producing only wildflower honey is the most responsible and sustainable way to keep bees

Imagine if you only ate one food for a whole year – even if that food was something healthy like, say, apples, you wouldn’t be getting a well-rounded diet that you need to stay healthy. In much the same way, most specialized varietal honeys (orange honey,  etc.) come from large agricultural pollination companies where bees are forced to forage on only a single nectar source for an extended period of time.

A diverse diet means healthier bees. And healthier bees means more flowers, more fruit, more veggies, and a better environment for all. Just as important, healthier bees means that we can keep our hives strong naturally and without the use of synthetic chemicals.

We harvest once a year

Taking honey from a hive is hard on a colony of bees. They lose food that they have worked hard to build up for the winter, not to mention the stress of a human moving around inside their home! Many beekeepers try to maximize their honey production by harvesting multiple times a year and then feeding the bees a syrup of water and either sugar or high-fructose corn syrup to make up for the honey that was taken.

We do things differently at Monterey Gold. We harvest only once a year, after the main nectar flow in spring. That means less stress and more honey for the bees over the winter, rather than eating man-made, high-fructose corn syrup just to get by.

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