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Monterey, CA – Monterey Gold Honey, a gourmet honey producer based in Monterey, CA, was named a semifinalist for the Best Honey in the World award as part of the Center for Honeybee Research’s 5th Annual International Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest.

The 2015 vintage honey, sourced throughout Monterey County, joins 60 other semi-finalists from around the world vying for the title of World’s Best Tasting Honey. Much like major wine competitions, the Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest is based solely on blind taste ratings from a panel of judges representing the culinary and beekeeping worlds.

“This just goes further to prove that Monterey County is one of the most unique and special places in the world,” said Paul Del Piero, half of the husband and wife team behind Monterey Gold Honey. “Monterey’s distinctive terroir has been recognized in the wine business for years, and we’re happy that recognition is finally making its way into that other food that relies so much on the makeup of the land—honey.”

The next round of judging will take place in late-December. This is the first time that a honey from Monterey County has reached the semifinals.

About Monterey Gold Honey:
Founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Paul and Larissa Del Piero, Monterey Gold Honey produces California’s most award-winning honey. Winning its first blue ribbon at the Santa Cruz County Fair in 2013, the then-unknown artisanal honey producer has gone on to win nearly every major honey competition in California, from Santa Clara to Costa Mesa. To see the list of awards and find out more, please visit montereygoldhoney.com or call (831) 250-6727.

About the Center for Honeybee Research:
The Center for Honeybee Research is dedicated to “finding and promoting answers to create a world safe for bees.” It hosts the annual International Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest at its location in Asheville, NC. For more information, go to chbr.org.

Full text of semifinalist notice:

Semifinalist Message Black Jar Honey Contest

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